Step One: Identify Your Property


County Tax Parcel Number

Step Two: If You Think Taxes are Too High

File an appeal – This is time sensitive. Be aware of deadlines.

Engage us as a consultant to assist in your appeal.

Provide Power of Attorney to allow us to negotiate on your behalf.

Step Three: Gather Information to Assist in Process.

All information is confidential and we will use only on as needed basis.  Information needed includes:

Copy of current lease

Capital improvements to buildings since last assessment

Historical real estate costs

Step Four: We will proceed with the appeal. 

Services include:

Analysis of information provided by you


Market analysis of similar properties


Analysis of government’s schedule of values


Analysis of assessed values for similar property types


Negotiate initial appeal with local assessor


Provide offer to you in writing for reduction


Provide cost benefit analysis of whether to take the appeal to the next level

Step Five: If you accept the offer, then the appeal is complete.